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Do you want to be able to say you're doing something great for the environment, but don't know how?

I have a little story to share with you.

I met the couple on a tour of their house - a miracle house really - that in the middle of suburbia has managed to go completely green.  Outfitted with solar panels along the side, two composting toilets, and a sophisticated grey-water system, the house was completely cut off from city utilities yet 100% functional. More than functional actually, since for them, there was absolutely zero fear of a blackout, electric storm, or any kind of natural disaster!  In the case of any of the above, these folks would snug as bugs in rugs.  Talk about safe, comfy, self-sufficient and well...just way cool!

But then came the nasty surprise. 

The owner of the house and architect of this oasis of amazing-ness, was as dry, crusty, unapproachable and unfriendly a curmudgeon that you ever met!!  Oh, he was as helpful as you could want. (He recommended lots of resources that I'll share with you in this e-course.)   But was he EVER prickly!  What was THIS??

And that's when I realized it. That amazing though being green is for its own sake, regardless of how rewarding it is to save energy by putting on a sweater and turning down the thermostat, the greater truth of the green movement is:

If it isn't enjoyable, this green stuff isn't gonna get us very far.

Not far enough at all.

And by enjoyable, I And that's how this e-course, Joy to the Planet, was born.

Joy to the Planet is an 88-lesson e-course about how to enjoy life, have great fun, AND help the planet. 

Because having a terrific time while helping the planet is, I think, the KEY to getting HUGE results!

Whether you're new to this whole green thing, and aren't even sure what green means really (don't worry, I'll explain) OR, you're someone who's already doing lots of things, this e-course is for you if:

You want to be able to say you're doing something for the environment, but don't know how.

You're sick of feeling guilty about not doing anything, but are clueless about how to change.

You want NOTHING to do with bad news about the environment. (Even though it's true and real, it's not the way you want to get involved.) Joy to the Planet is a 'doom and gloom-free zone.'   And I mean ZERO tolerance for doom.

You want a better way to reach LOTS of people (friends, coworkers, your network) and get them totally jazzed about doing stuff for the environment, fast. (You want to make a big splashy difference that extends past your own actions.)

You want a path from A to Z that shows you how to have a ton more fun in your life, and be able to say "Hey, I've having fun AND bein' green!"

You are fed up of hearing about the Kyoto Accord on the news, and just want to know how YOU can do something about this whole issue, and forget about the dang government.

You want to infiltrate traditionally non-green groups of people (the corporate world, for example) with green tactics that are so fun they don't even seem green, and in that way get through to folks who would normally turn their nose up at "ugh, boring environment stuff."

You like really practical advice, and want nothing to do with crusty, bland or dry. You want to have fun!

You just want to expand your mind when it comes to helping the planet.

You want to get to know me.  Giggle. Yes, Joy to the Planet is going to include lots of personal stories about how a card-carrying ignoramus about the planet, is now thrilled to be writing this e-course.  And painlessly too...honest! 















There'll be lots of chances to participate as well, as much or little as you like. Care to join me? 

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We'll have fun, and help the planet.

The owner of that house should have been a magnet for others to follow in his footsteps.  And although lots of people visited the house, the lack of joy that was evident there wasn't exactly encouraging!

By subscribing to Joy to the Planet, you'll start receiving one fun lesson each week. Let's see how much we can all enjoy life AND help the planet, shall we?

My best to you,

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